Workshop on Typological Contrasts

And their impact on cognition, language learning and bilingual mediation

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torsdag 19. maj 2022, kl. 08:30 - fredag 20. maj 2022, kl. 16:45


Building 1481, room 341, Nobelparken, Aarhus University


Henrik Høeg Müller, Nataliia Vesnina, Antonio Morata

This workshop is dedicated to studying (1) the conceptual tools for analyzing the expression of motion events cross‐linguistically, (2) the consequences of typological differences in second language learning, and (3) the impact of those contrasts in translation.

Our workshop will host presentations by a series of invited speakers and is open to all those interested in typological contrasts.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. If you would like to register as an attendee, please contact us at

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