FERMENTING DATA: AARHUS 8000-8220 City-wide Data Exhibition

17/09/2021-16/10/2021 Locations: Spanien19C (off site), Jægergårdsgade 154e, DK-8000 + Andromeda8220, Gudrunsvej 78, DK-8220 + across locations in the city, map on https://fermentingdata.net/aarhus Curated by Magda Tyżlik-Carver (PL/UK/DK) & Anders Visti (DK) Works by Sissel Marie Tonn (NL/DK) & Anders Visti (DK)

Oplysninger om arrangementet


fredag 17. september 2021, kl. 08:00 - lørdag 16. oktober 2021, kl. 16:00


Spanien 19C, Jægergårdsgade 154e, 8000 - Androma8220, Gudrunsvej 78, 8220

Fermenting Data: Aarhus 8000-8220 is a speculation on how data practices could be different. Rather than staying within the dominant data processing models based on capture, extraction and surveillance, we take inspiration from symbiotic relations between microbes, plants, and human cultures related to food processing and preservation, to intervene and invent Fermenting Data practices.


In the work Sphagnum Time by Sissel Marie Tonn, the three bog bodies tell stories of time and space, of water and peat, and bacterial ecosystems. This history is told for the first time with photogrammetry and choral compositions and rhythms that might have been part of thousands of years of being a bog body. 


Anders Visti enters the location of the district undergoing a major change of a different kind. Recording data that becomes a part of Aarhus Urban Operating System, a neural network is used to plot data landscapes that mixes publicly available information on social policies and planning in the city with recording of life by people living in the district of Gellerup, and those who will soon have to leave it.


Fermenting Data RAM (Random Access Memory) is a curatorial, built structure which stores and displays project data collected since October 2020 until now. Random Access Memory is typically to be found in any computational device, and it is used to store working data, that is all data currently used by the computer to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on. For Fermenting Data we repurpose RAM as an archival process for the project.


Across the city there are other stories of data which can be accessed with Echoes mobile application. The publication, available online, includes fermenting data glossary, questions, a map and qr code that lead exploration for Fermenting Data in Aarhus.  Enjoy!

Read more at  https://fermentingdata.net/aarhus