Applications for external funding

How to apply 

Contact the Research Support Office 

When applying for funding, it is a good idea to start by contacting the Research Support Office (see contact information on the right-hand side of this page). Here you can get help in all phases of the project – from the initial idea to submission of the application. The Research Support Office also offers recommendations for which foundations and instruments should be the target of your application. 

The Research Support Office can help with the following: 

  • Identifying funding sources of interest to your project 

  • Reading by laymen (commenting on the project description in relation to structure, comprehensibility and the grant giver’s requirements) 

  • Tailoring your application to the individual calls for proposals 

  • Creating structure and clarity 

  • Providing input for non-academic sections 

  • Drawing up a budget 

  • Ensuring that all formal requirements are met 

  • Providing general information about Danish, European and other international funding programmes 

Find relevant foundations 

Find relevant foundations here (Research Support Office) 

Inform your head of school or research consultant 

Inform your head of school, head of department and research consultant about the foundation from which you wish to apply for funding, the title of your project, any workload reductions or other things that are binding for the school. 

It is a good idea to discuss the sources and terms of funding with the school in order to clarify any conditions for co-funding with the head of school if necessary. 


It varies from foundation to foundation whether it is possible to apply for funding to cover overheads. As for the large Danish foundations administered by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Research Council, the overhead rate is 44 per cent. 
Overheads are the indirect costs associated with a project. Such costs cannot be directly attributed to a specific project and include joint costs related to rent, heating, electricity, cleaning, administration, library services and so on. 

In practice, the indirect costs often tend to exceed 44 per cent. 
If an overhead rate of 44 per cent from private or public foundations is not possible, please contact your research consultant. 


Contact the Research Support Office

The first time you contact the Research Support Office regarding a project, please send an email to one of the two contact persons: