Company visits for academic staff

Company visits 2023

With a view to strengthening our links with the university’s external partners, it is now possible to apply for a workload reduction to visit a company, an organisation or an upper-secondary school for 1-2 months in 2023 (application deadline 1 November 2022). 

The faculty management team has therefore decided that tenured academic staff can apply for a workload reduction to visit a company, an organisation or an upper secondary school. The purpose of the visit is, on the one hand, to strengthen awareness of the labour markets for which the students are educated, and, on the other hand, to provide an opportunity to lay the foundation for external collaborations where researchers together with relevant companies and organisations can offer solutions to some of the challenges faced by employers, for example through the initiation of projects with the participation of academic staff and students.  

So the company visit is characterised by knowledge exchange between relevant partners, but should not primarily be regarded as a way to collect empirical data for research projects, and applicants should reflect on how the communication of the insights gained should be shared both internally and externally. 

This initiative should be seen in connection with the faculty’s other forms of collaboration with external partners, including co-funded research, industrial PhDs, project placements and case competitions. 

Who can apply? 

Tenured academic staff at the School of Communication and Culture. 

What can you apply for? 

The academic staff members involved can apply for up to two months of workload reduction. As a general rule, you can only apply for a workload reduction in the autumn semester 2023. 

How to apply: 

The application form and the staff manager’s approval must be submitted to research consultant Pernille Roholt at 

Application deadline: 

1 November 2022. 

How are applications processed? 

Applications are processed by the head of school together with the research consultant/adviser for external partnerships and the relevant heads of department. The final decision on the allocation of funding is made by the head of school and the deputy head of school for research and business. Case processing is expected to take 3-4 weeks. If applications are accepted, an official notice of award will be sent to the applicant and the staff manager.