EU projects

Horizon Europe  

Over the next years, the school will be feeling the effects of the degree programme resizing measures, including a reduction in the school’s income from teaching. Therefore, we will continue efforts to align the ratio between teaching and research by focusing on increasing the school’s income from research. 
One of the initiatives is to intensify our efforts to support applications to Horizon Europe through better knowledge sharing with researchers who may be interested in applying. Researchers interested in applying for funding from Horizon Europe are therefore encouraged to answer the questions in this form and send it to the school’s research consultant, Pernille Roholt:

Erasmus projects 

In connection with Erasmus projects, you must contact the research consultant with a view to obtaining the necessary information about the organisation. 

Please note that the funding model for Erasmus projects means that project costs are not fully covered. Co-financing is constituted by the research time of the members of staff participating in the project. 

Finances and budget 

The Research Support Office can help prepare budgets. 
You are also welcome to contact research consultant Pernille Roholt if: 

  • You have any questions about co-financing by the school or the Dean’s Office 

  • PhD projects, for example, are included 

  • You have any questions about what requires the signature of the head of school 

If an overhead rate of roughly 44 per cent is not possible, please contact Pernille Roholt. 
Remember: All applications/contracts/collaboration agreements related to the EU MUST be signed by the rector (via the Research Support Office with a copy to and research consultant Pernille Roholt). 

Contact the research consultant

Contact the Research Support Office

The first time you contact the Research Support Office regarding a project, please send an email to one of the two contact persons: