Research projects

How to apply

This is relevant for applications to, for example, the research councils (independent and strategic), Nordforsk and private foundations such as TrygFonden, the Carlsberg Foundation, the Velux Foundations and the Lundbeck Foundation. 
If you intend to apply, please contact the Research Support Office and inform them about your plans, including when you intend to apply. 
If you need help to make research-related priorities or if you need help with the reading of project descriptions, you can contact your research programme director well in advance of the deadline. 
In connection with major rounds of applications where the head of school needs to sign an accommodation agreement and approve the budget, a process description will be drawn up and presented in the newsletter
In the process description, you can see which deadlines you have to meet in order to obtain the necessary application documents and have them signed by the head of school. 
You are also welcome to contact the research consultant:  

  • If PhD projects are included 

  • If you have any questions about what requires the signature of the head of school  

Remember: All applications/contracts/collaboration agreements MUST be signed by the head of school (via research consultant Pernille Roholt). 

Finances and budget 

These types of grants often involve specific rules for which expenses can be covered and which prices can be accepted. 
The Research Support Office can help prepare budgets. 
If an overhead rate of 44 per cent is not possible, please contact your research consultant. 

Contact the research consultant

Contact the Research Support Office

The first time you contact the Research Support Office regarding a project, please send an email to one of the two contact persons: