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Workzone is AU’s ESDH (electronic case and records management system). Workzone is used to file decisions made by AU as an authority, as well as relevant documentation of the university’s case processing in the administrative units and research related administration.

What is my responsibility? 

All employees at the school are responsible for filing according to the current legislation.

Is it installed on all employees ' computers?

No. You must be set up as a user before you can access cases and documents in Workzone. Your manager or local super user can help you with this.

How do I use it?

Academic staff are expected to complete the online course offered in the use of Workzone within the first three months of your employment. Technical/administrative staff are asked to contact the department's Workzone superusers to receive training in the system:

Workzone is fully integrated with your Office programs, so you can file directly from the usual programs: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Create a case

At CC, we have established a group of administrative staff, all of whom are trained in Workzone and can help you create a case. To ensure that all information is included from the start, please complete one of the below forms. We will send you a link to the case once we have created it.  

Research related case

Use this for, if you want us to create at case regarding a research application or project.

External relations or miscellaneous case

Use this form, if you want us to create a case regarding external relations or miscellaneous.


Who has access to my case?

About access rights

When you fill in the form to create a case, you can state, if it requires restricted access and who can have access. Research related cases always have a very restricted access.

If your case is of confidential nature or contains confidential or sensitive information, you can restrict access to an entire case or just individual documents within a case.



Cases with external relations
and misc.

All employees at the school, but you can ask for restricted access.

Research-related cases

If you wish other AU colleagues to have access, just ask for it.

However, note that you are only allowed to access cases that are relevant to your work tasks. The system logs and AU employees must thus be able to justify the relevance of the case in relation to their tasks. If an employee unjustifiably reads cases irrelevant to his/her work duties, this may trigger a disciplinary case.

What is my responsibility?

  • As a VIP or department head, it is your responsibility to ensure that relevant documents and correspondence are filed in the Workzone in accordance with applicable law, which you must be acquainted with.
  • When a case has been created with the help of the TAP support, you must file emails, documents and possibly relevant notes from conversations or other correspondence on the case (the latter e.g. by writing an email to yourself).
  • Once a case is closed, it is up to you to ask the TAP support to close the case.

VIP's questions and answers

Here you will find an overview of the questions and answers asked by VIP during the introductions at several of the Art institutes.

What should I file?

We have developed a search list, which also indicates who has the responsibility for filing.

Arts VIP quick guide

VIP Quick guide - UK

User guides

File mail from Outlook to Workzone

How to file from Outlook either as PC user or as MAC user via the Workzone 365 application.

How to file from Outlook either as PC user - or as MAC user via the Horizon Client application.

  • File an incoming or excisting mail to Workzone from Outlook - Instruction
  • File several mails at a time - Instruction

Creating, changing and closing a case

Creating af case

  1. When you have completed one of the above forms and submitted, the TAP support will create the case for you in Workzone.
  2. We will send you a mail with a link to the case, when it has been created.
    - PC users and Mac users with using Horizon Client: Click the link in the mail, you receive from the TAP support. This will direct you into the backend of the Workzone system, which you can just exit and return to Outlook (you may need to use the Refresh option in the 'Save Item' tab).
    - PC users and Mac users with the Workzone 365 application: You can now find your case by using the search field in the application. Use e.g. the webmail option (AU Webmail - how to use webmail) and start filing on the case. 

Changing case details

Please inform your TAP support, if you need to make changes to a case, for example:

  • If there are other AU employees who need access to the case (only if the case has restricted access rights).
  • If there are AU employees who need to be taken off the case (only if the case has restricted access rights).
  • If there are external parties who need to be added to the case (they do not gain access).
  • If a research application is successful and becomes a grant.
  • If you are no longer the person responsible for the case, for example if you leave AU or change your areas of responsibility. 

Closing a case

  • The case or project has been closed.
  • Send us an email and ask the TAP support to close the case.


For Mac users

Solution for Mac users - filing directly from Outlook with new application: Workzone 365

During the first part of the implementation period, Mac users had to file via a remote desktop (see workaround below). However, it is now possible to file directly from Outlook on a Mac without the remote desktop (VM ​​Horizon Client) using a new application named Workzone 365. In future, Mac users will have this application when Workzone is installed.

If you are a Mac user and do not have the application, please contact and we will order it for you.

The application requires Microsoft365. If you have Office 2016, you will need to upgrade you computer. How to know? See this instruction.

A screen shot of the Workzone 365 application is shown above. 

Solution for Mac users - filing with remote desktop VM Horizon Client

As a Mac user without the above application, you need an add-on application called VM Horizon Client. You will be informed how to install this, when you receive a message about your user registration in Workzone or you can find the instruction on how-to below.

You can access the Workzone web client in Google Chrome, via this link: Note that not all features work on Mac operating system, e.g. integration with Office programs.

Using VM Horizon Client may only be used for filing in Workzone.

Enquiry regarding access to documents

Inquiries about document access are most often made to the dean's secretariat. If you as a VIP receive an inquiry with a request for access to documents, please contact the head of the secretariat, Tine Arsinevici.

AU principles and guidelines for filing

On the Workzone AU site you can find the general principles regarding filing, roles and responsibility, and system related options.

Find the principles and guidelines here.


Write to or contact one of the school's TAP supporters.


Support & questions

Write to or contact the school's TAP Support.

Legislation, security and policy on record-keeping

Watch this video with English subtitles (10:55 min.) about AU's guidelines on record-keeping in Workzone.

Access rights

  • Cases relating to external relations and misc. will be accessible to all employees at the school (unit 1817)
  • Cases relating to research will only be accessible to part of the management team, the superusers, the VIP and local TAP support.

On request in the form for creation it is possible to ask for customised access rights. 

New users

What is Workzone?

Workzone is AU's electronic case and document management system, which i.a. ensures that AU meets its  obligations for record-keeping in accordance with the law.

The purpose is also that:

  • ensure a common basis for registration practices across the AU
  • ensure common data base and quality
  • ensure a common basis for further digital support and knowledge sharing across the organisation

Watch the video on this page.

How to I get access to Workzone?

  1. To gain access please contact super user at the school. Write to this mail:
  2. When you have gained access, please contact a superuser at the school. Academic staff should watch the recorded webinars available on this site. Technical staff must have attend a training seminar by contacting a superuser.
    You must not use Workzone, before you have attended training (TAP) or watched the webinar recordings (VIP).
  3. You will find HR's instructions for new users here.