Vipomatic (working hours)

The agreement on working hours for the Faculty of Arts  (DK only) describes the framework for the tasks of academic staff. In Vipomatic, the number of working hours spent on teaching-related and administrative tasks are registered for the individual members of staff. 

On page five of the agreement, there is a list of the tasks included in the account of working hours. 

Working hours in connection with research activities and knowledge exchange (e.g. coordination of a research unit, preparation of research applications, planning of conferences and editorial work) are not registered, cf. page four in the agreement on working hours at the Faculty of Arts. 

Compensation for hours spent on teaching, exams and administrative tasks is calculated according to the norms stated in the agreement on working hours at the Faculty of Arts and supplementary agreements at faculty and/or school level. The management and staff are jointly responsible for ensuring that the number of working hours is in balance over the course of several semesters.  


Vipomatic is an administrative system for registering working hours. For all tenured academic staff at the School of Communication and Culture, working hours in addition to research and knowledge exchange are registered in the system. This means that teaching activities, exams, student guidance and administrative tasks are registered in Vipomatic. 

The school secretariat is responsible for registering working hours in Vipomatic in dialogue with the heads of department. 

Logging on:

You can keep an eye on your working hours in Vipomatic. You must log on via WAYF. 

Are you having trouble logging on to Vipomatic, or do you have any other questions regarding Vipomatic? Please send an email to 


You will be contacted twice a year by the school secretariat to discuss the validation of your working hours in the previous semester. In this connection, you will be asked to fill out the form below with your changes: 

Form for validation (Excel file can be downloaded via the link) (DK only)

When you fill out the form, it is important that you: 

  • provide basic information at the top 
  • briefly and precisely state the reason for your enquiry 
  • enclose documentation of special agreements made with the head of school or head of department. 

Please send the form to 

You can also submit your changes with regard to working hours on an ongoing basis. In this case, you should also use the above form.