Practical info and support

Local information

Practical information on keys, parking conditions, canteens etc. on each of the school's four locations can be found here.

Practical information – Kasernen

Keys and key cards 
These will be handed out by caretaker Ivan Smidt in building 1580, ground floor, room 013. 

Kaserne Caféen in building 1585 (the foyer) sells a small selection of sandwiches, rolls, cakes, coffee etc. Cafeterias with a larger selection can be found on the other side of Langelandsgade at the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Chemistry. 

AU Library also has a library at Kasernen (building 1582). 

You can register your car for parking at Aarhus University via the following link: 

IT equipment 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Morten Brockhoff, building 1580, third floor, room 327. Or AU IT, Tåsingegade, 3, 8000 Aarhus C, building 1442, room 019, Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 08:00-15:30. 

Conference rooms 
You can book conference rooms at Kasernen in Outlook. Open your calendar and find the right building number (1580 for the main building and 1586 for Forskerhus). 

Mail room 
You will find the mail room in building 1580, fourth floor, room 429. Internal mail must be sent in a brown envelope for internal use and placed in the yellow box labelled ‘Udgående intern post’. You don’t need to stamp your external mail – just put it in the yellow box marked ‘Udgående ekstern post’. The mail will be delivered and collected once a day (during the morning). If you want to set up your own pigeon hole, please contact the department secretaries. 

Kitchen/lunch room 
There is a joint kitchen/lunch room for staff on the fourth floor of building 1580. This is where many people meet for lunch at about 12 noon. There’s a shared fridge and a coffee machine (coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino etc.) The machine is reserved for staff use only. 

Office supplies 
Located in building 1580, fourth floor, room 442. Or contact a department secretary. 

Practical information – Nobel Park (building 1481)

Access to your office and the buildings 
When you arrive at building 1481, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, please contact Jane Lücke on the fourth floor to get a key to your office. 

Opening hours 
The building is open from 07:00 to 18:00. Between 18:00 and 07:00 you will need a key card, which you can order here: You will receive your card a few days later, after which it must be activated by one of the secretaries (Marianne Rasmussen or Jette Bagger). 

Waste disposal 
The waste bin in your office is only intended for paper waste. Members of staff must empty their own paper waste in the sacks placed in the printer rooms. Please place all plastic and wet waste in the waste bins in the kitchens. And please leave the kitchens clean and tidy after use. 

WiFi and IT support 
The best and most secure wireless network at AU is Eduroam. You can read more about access to Eduroam here: 

Your user name and computer access code will be provided by our IT Helpdesk and your department secretary. 

If you need to contact the IT Helpdesk to sort out network problems or other issues, please call them on +45 8715 0911 or create a request at You are also welcome to visit them in Tåsingegade, building 1442, room 019 ( They are open Monday-Friday at 08:00-15:30. 

Terms of employment 
If you have any questions about your contract, please feel free to contact Helle Sindal ( at the HR Department. 

You will find AU’s staff policy here: 

Administrative staff in building 1481 

  • Student assistants in room 468: Hamda Waberi, Jeppe Woods Sørensen, Julia Jørgensen. 

Practical information – Katrinebjerg

Keys and key cards 
Please contact the secretariat in the Wiener building (room 020). A form needs to be filled in before you can get a key. Keys will be handed out in the maintenance office in Hopper-040 (building 5346). Outside opening hours, you can access the building by means of a key card, which must be ordered here. (Click on ‘Access card for Arts’). Please remember to have a photo of yourself ready before you start to order. Once you have received your card, it needs to be activated by your department secretariat. 

Opening hours 
The buildings at Katrinebjerg – Wiener (building 5347), Türing (building 5341) and Nygaard (building 5335) – are open from 08:00 to 15:30 on weekdays. The secretariat is open from 09:00 to 14:00 – although it may be closed for half an hour between 12:00 and 13:00. 

Cafeterias – lunch room – kitchenettes 
There are cafeterias on the ground floor at INCUBA (building 5520) and on the ground floor in the Nygaard building. There is also a lunch room for staff on the second floor of the Nygaard building, as well as kitchenettes on the second floor of the Nygaard building and all three floors of the Wiener building. 

You will find the library on the first floor of the Nygaard building. Opening hours: weekdays 08:00-15:00. 

You can park in the courtyard between Hopper and Nygaard, and in the basement below Nygaard – the underground car park can be accessed with a key card by arrangement with the maintenance staff. You can also park free of charge at most locations around Katrinebjerg and at the Storcenter Nord shopping centre. 

Conference rooms 
You can book conference rooms in your Outlook calendar. If you need any help with this, please contact the secretariat. They can also book conference rooms for you. 

Internal and external mail 
You can leave your mail (both internal and external) in the photocopy room in the Wiener building, room 024. The mail collection times are shown in the room. Please ask if you want to set up your own pigeon hole in the Wiener building (room 113). Any mail and books sent to you will then be left here for collection. 

IT equipment 
If you need help to book any IT equipment, please contact the secretariat. For questions about IT equipment, please contact Arts IT Support:

Office supplies 
You will find office supplies in the photocopy room in the Wiener building (room 024). You can also order office supplies via the secretariat. 

Additional information: If you have any further questions, you are always welcome to visit the secretariat. 

Practical information – Nobel Park (building 1485)

Key cards 
Outside opening hours (07:00-18:00), you can access the building by means of a key card, which must be ordered here. (Click on ‘Access card for Arts’). Please remember to have a photo of yourself ready before you start to order. Once you have received your card, it needs to be activated by your department secretariat. 

Offices and keys 
Please contact Nelly Dupont (room 339). 

IT equipment 
Please order IT equipment by contacting Nelly Dupont (room 339). Additional questions regarding IT equipment can be directed to Arts IT Support ( or tel. +45 8715 0911). 

Cafeteria and kitchen 
You will find a lunch room and a kitchen on the third floor of building 1485. There’s a fridge and coffee machine in the kitchen. 

Mail room 
You will find the mail room on the third floor in room 335. The mail will be delivered and picked up here by the internal mail service every day at about 10:00. Internal mail must be sent in brown envelopes for internal use. You don’t need to stamp your external mail – just put it in the tray marked ‘Udgående post’. But private mail does need to be stamped, after which it can be put in the tray marked ‘Udgående post’. 

Office supplies are kept in the mail room, and library books can also be delivered and picked up here. 

Staff can park free of charge in all the parking zones that are included in the staff parking scheme. Special parking rules apply in the Nobel Park. You can read more about AU’s staff parking rules at Digital Parking ( This is also where you can register your car. 

You can also park in the underground car park, but you will need to use your key card and a pin code. 

The Nobel Park library is in buildings 1461-63. You can read more here: Sådan finder du rundt på AU Library Nobelparken

Further questions 
If you have any questions about absences (holidays, illness etc.), please contact Caroline Guldborg. If you have any other practical questions, you are always welcome to contact the department secretaries Nelly Dupont (office 339) or Caroline Guldborg (office 337). 

Forms and templates

We have put together a page with forms and templates for various tasks related to travel, billing, research, creating cases in Workzone, etc. If you are missing a form, contact your department secretary.

Find the forms and templates here.

Billing information

AU and campus


Travel booking and reimbursement

As an employee at the School of Communication and Culture you need to make your own travel bookings and after the trip you must pay in RejsUd.

If you need guidance, ask your local secretariat.

Read more about travel booking, AU's travel policy and reimbursement here.

Research support

As an academic staff member at CC, you can get help with administrative and financial matters in connection with applications, grants, contracts and cooperation agreements.

Visit CC's research site.

Events and refreshments

Contact your local secretariat to find out what they can help you with and which options are available.

If you need to announce an event, see this page: Announcing events.

Read more about events at CC here.

Visits from external guests and guest lecturers

If you have made an agreement with a guest or guest lecturer about a visit to the school, the secretariat can help you.

Visit this page to guide you through the process.

Record-keeping (Workzone)

All employees at the school are responsible for keeping records in accordance with current legislation. Academic staff can get help creating cases where documentation must be stored.

Find guidelines, webinars and contact persons here.

Reporting of teaching material

As a teacher, you must report the teaching material used which must be sent to, and you are welcome to send the lists continuously. We collect the lists and send them twice a year on 1 March or 1 October to Copydan Writing.

More information about reporting of teaching material here.

Reporting of working hours

If you have any questions, write this email:

More information on working hours here.

Registration of holiday and absence

Each location at CC has an absence registrar, who you must write to when you are ill, on holiday or absent in other ways.

Read about holiday, sickness and absence here.

Payment of electronic invoices

When you make a purchase, you must ask the supplier to send the invoice to the school's EAN number and indicate your local department secretary's name on the invoice. Payment is made using AU's electronic invoicing system, IndFak2. If you have any questions, please contact your local secretariat.

Read about purchase and settlement here.

Websupport for websites

If you need to change or add text to AU's websites, the secretaries can help.

More information on how and who to contact for help here.

Mailing lists at CC

Find out about CC's distribution lists in Outlook and who in the secretariat can help you with changes.

Read more about the mailing lists at CC here.

Acquisition of IT equipment and telephones

The school sets up a workstation with standard IT equipment, and at AU and CC we primarily use Teams telephony. If you need additional equipment, you must contact your departmental secretary, who can guide you according to the applicable guidelines.

More information about CC's guidelines for purchase of IT equipment and phones.

Support from some of Art's staff functions

Arts IT

Contact Arts IT support by phone or create a case.

Find Arts IT support's contact information here.

Arts Communication

Arts Communication carries out tasks within research dissemination, press, websites, graphic work, conference assistance, marketing and language services.

More information about Arts Communication here.

Language services and dictionary

Language services offer help with English terminology, language revision and translation. You can also find help online via AU's dictionary: AU Dictionary and through the translation program AU Translate.

Read about Language services here | Try AU Dictionary | Try AU Translate

Arts Janitorial Services

Arts Janitorial Services distinguishes between three types of services, each of which has its own 'approach' to building operations:

  1. Emergency operations (e.g. burst water pipe): Use the service hotline on 8715 05 36 (Nobel and Kasernen)
  2. Operational tasks (e.g. lights flashing, taps dripping, etc.) that may be 'in case management' for a few days or more: Use Dalux Helpdesk
  3. Larger or more complex tasks (e.g. requests for conversion, working environment conditions etc.): Contact Ib Rasmussen, Eva Serup or Stab.

On the Building Services website, you will find a list of their initiated and upcoming projects.

Find Building Services' operations and project management module here (DK only).