Vipomatic (working hours)

About Vipomatic

Vipomatic is an administrative system for registering working hours. For permanent and fixed-term academic staff at the School of Communication and Culture, with a research obligation in relation to Time registration of work tasks related to education, PhD area, administration and recruitment of employees.

The school secretariat is responsible for registering working hours in Vipomatic in dialogue with the heads of departments. 

Twice a year, you will be contacted by the Department secretariat regarding the validation of your working hours in the previous semester: in September/October regarding Spring and March/April regarding Autumn. You will be informed by emails and newsletters. Only then can the financial statements be considered fair and final Before that, it is a working document.

Tasks and working hours for academic staff

The agreement on working hours for the Faculty of Arts  (valid 1 January to 31 December 2025) describes the framework for the tasks of academic staff. In Vipomatic, the number of working hours spent on teaching-related and administrative tasks are registered for the individual members of staff. 

Working hours related to research, knowledge exchange, research-based public sector consultancy and research administration are not covered by this agreement. These tasks include: Research activities, publication, editorial work with scientific publications and peer reviews, participation in research programmes and research units as well as academic committees/working groups Active participation in or planning of conferences, seminars and networks Preparation and/or participation in applications for internal and external research funding and administration of projects and grants Applications for visiting scholars and the handling of their visits; As well as basic tasks and other forms of administration in connection with research, knowledge exchange and research-based public sector consultancy, including registering in PURE. The overall expectation of the research effort is stated in the memo on research supervision at the faculty of Arts cf. Page 5.

The hourly compensation for teaching, exams and administrative tasks is calculated cf. Norms stipulated in the Agreement on working hours for Arts and supplementary agreements at faculty and/or department level. It is a shared responsibility for management and employees that there is a number of hours of balance over several semesters.


Twice a year, you will be contacted by the Department secretariat regarding the validation of your working hours in the previous semester: in October regarding Spring and March-April regarding Autumn. In this connection, you will be asked to fill out the form below with your changes: 

Form for validation (Excel file can be downloaded via the link) (DK only)

When you fill out the form, it is important that you: 

  • provide basic information at the top 
  • briefly and precisely state the reason for your enquiry 
  • enclose documentation of special agreements made with the head of school or head of department. 

Please send the form to 

You can also submit your changes with regard to working hours on an ongoing basis. In this case, you should also use the above form.  


  • The agreement on working hours for the faculty of Arts (applicable from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2025)
  • Read News: New agreement on working hours at the Faculty of Arts
    Changes per 1. September 2022 
    Overall, this is an improvement in relation to the current agreement, where the most significant changes are:
  • 20 hours will be allocated for the onboarding of new colleagues
  • the number of hours allocated to basic tasks which do not have a standard norm will increase from 20 to 25 per semester
  • the number of minutes allocated to the assessment of written assignments will increase from 4 and 5 minutes, respectively, per page to 6 minutes per page
  • research leave can be granted once every seventh semester
  • the number of working hours will be reset when staff transition from an assistant professorship to an associate professorship, or from a teaching assistant professorship to a teaching associate professorship

In order to find the hours needed to make these improvements, it has been agreed that the number of hours allocated to the reading of Master’s theses will be reduced from 10 to 7, and no hours will be allocated to both thesis supervision and PhD supervision for PhD students enrolled on the 4+4 scheme.

Ph.D.-Course Registration and Ph.d. supervision

  • Distribution of supervision hours for PhD supervisors - sorry the chart is in Danish: