IT Equipment and telephony

Aquisition of standard IT equipment and phones

Acquisition of IT equipment

  • Secretaries may purchase the standard IT equipment from the according to the applicable guidelines set by the school. Standard equipment is a standard computer and docking station, monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, headset, and sleeve. Due to the considerable price fluctuations of computers, this will also affect which equipment the secretariats can provide without approval.
  • If you have specific professional needs (e.g. a Mac), you can apply to the head of department for approval. All IT equipment must be purchased via AU's IT webshop, and mobile phones and all IT equipment above DKK 500 must be ordered by the secretaries.
  • Additional equipment requests must be ordered via the secretaries. Approval from head of department must be enclosed with the application. The approval must state the amount or model that has been approved.

Acquisition of phones

  • Mobile phone and tablet are only granted based on specific professional needs.
  • Mobile phones must be purchased from AU's IT webshop and must be ordered by department secretaries. When ordering mobile phones, a copy is sent to the secretariat manager to reconcile monthly lists of purchases and obtaining a solemn declaration. registration of the phone for taxation. Read about taxation of mobile phones here.
  • If the phone is not used for private purposes, and you are not liable to taxation on free phones, you must send a solemn declaration to Anne Overballe:, when you know your new mobile number. Find the solemn declaration here.

Teams telephony and employee broadband

Teams telephones (soft phones)

At AU, and thus also at CC, we primarily use Teams soft phones. Internally at AU, everyone can call each other via Teams regardless of whether they have a Teams phone number or not. However, in order for external parties to contact us, everyone must have a phone number on the website on their PURE profile. It can be a Teams number, the number from a work or from a private mobile phone number.

AU uses Teams telephony as standard. Read about Teams telephony here.

To add or change numbers, contact a local secretary, Anne Overballe or Tine Arsinevici, if you need to add or change a number - we will change it in the employee master data system.

Employee broadband, printers, paper, and colour cartridges

  • The school does not pay for employee broadband. When existing broadband is phased out, a minimum notice of two months will be given.
  • The school does not pay for printers for home use. Printers that have already been approved may be kept during employment for as long as they work. Paper, colour cartridges, etc. are not covered by the school.