Access to cases and documents


About access rights

To strengthen collaboration and knowledge sharing across AU, cases in Workzone are accessible to all employees at the school as a basic rule.

If your case is of a confidential nature or contains confidential or sensitive information, you can restrict access to an entire case or just individual documents within a case.

When you fill in the form for case creation, you can state whether the case should have restricted access.

Access to research-related cases is always restricted. See below description.

Case type
Default access
Customized access
Cases with external relations
and misc.

All employees at the school

Yes - state in form

Research-related cases

VIP, the school's head of dept., secretariat mng., superusers and local secretariat /student helpers

Yes - state in form

However, note that you are only allowed to access cases that are relevant to your work tasks. The system logs and AU employees must thus be able to justify the relevance of the case in relation to their tasks. If an employee unjustifiably reads cases irrelevant to his/her work duties, this may trigger a disciplinary case.