Events and refreshments

Conferences, seminars and workshops

Workshops, meetings and smaller conferences/events

The department secretaries can often help with preparation of workshops, meetings and smaller conferences (usually in collaboration with student assistants).

If you need help with events, please contact the secretaries in good time.

Larger events >40 participants

Arts Communication provides support at conferences with a minimum of 40 participants with external participants/guests. More information on this page how Arts Communication can help (DK only).

Payment of restaurant visits above DKK 3000

When you take guests out to eat for a work-related dinner and the bill amounts to more than DKK 3000, you should request - if the restaurant can handle EAN payment - an invoice issued to Aarhus University. This way we can have a refund for the VAT. As documentation a cash receipt from the restaurant is no longer sufficient.

For restaurant visits with an expected bill of more than DKK 3000, it is therefore recommended that, when booking a table, you agree that the invoice is sent via the department's EAN no. instead of using AU's credit card. If necessary, ask your local secretary for advice, as they are informed about the new settlement rules.

Announcement of events

If you need to announce an event, you can contact CC's local web support for help.

Find guidelines on how to announce events here | Find forms and more here.


What is the norm at  CC?

There are strict limits on when and what food can be purchased. The norm is tea, water and coffee, and usually no other refreshments can be provided beyond this. AU's refreshment rules for internal meetings must be observed. Expenses (in addition to the norm) must be approved in advance by your head of department.

Rules for refreshments

There are specific rules for refreshments in connection with internal meetings and representation. Find the applicable rules here before you order refreshments:

Refreshments are provided in accordance with the applicable power of attorney. Contact your department secretary or head of department for further guidance.

The rules outline a framework for what the head of school can approve, and the individual expenditure for both representation and refreshments at internal meetings (in addition to the standard) must be approved in advance by the head of school or head of department.

Application with purpose, participants and budget is sent to the head of department.

Entertainment expenses and refreshments in addition to what is mentioned under 'Refreshments for internal meetings' can in special cases be approved by the head of school, contact:

The rules also apply to externally financed projects.

Who can help

Refreshments for meetings, seminars and academic events can be requested via the departmental secretaries or associated student assistants on external projects. Remember to state the reason, participants and accounting (case number and case assignment).