Internal processes at the School of Communication and Culture

Internal process at the School of Communication and Culture – Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD) 2024: Funds for thematic research – The Inge Lehmann Programme 2024

Please note the following:

  • Budget: An Inge Lehmann grant may be up to DKK 2.2 million, excluding overheads.
  • Purpose: to support a more equal gender balance in research environments, with a focus on the career stages at which inequality sets in. The programme is open to all fields of study and to both men and women. But based on dispensation under section 3 of the Gender Equality Act, the Independent Research Fund Denmark will generally choose female rather than male applicants in cases where both are equally qualified.
  • Eligibility requirements:
    • Applicants must be employed as an assistant professor/associate professor, researcher/senior researcher or senior associate professor at a Danish research institution with a job structure under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture, the Danish Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities.
    • Applicants must have obtained a PhD degree (or equivalent qualifications) within the past 2-6 years.
    • After obtaining their PhD degree, applicants must have gained significant independent research experience corresponding to a minimum of 2 years.
    • Employment as a postdoc will not meet the job category requirements for applying.

You can read the full call for proposals here.

The following deadlines apply to the internal process at the School of Communication and Culture:

8 May 2024 at 23.59

Deadline for notifying the research consultant
Please contact the school’s research consultant and the academic coordinator in Arts Finance if you are planning to apply for an Inge Lehmann grant.

If you want someone to read your application before submission, please inform the research consultant by the notification deadline.

Research consultant, CC:
Helle Breth Klausen,

Academic coordinator, Arts Finance:
Thor Fris Jespersgaard,

28 May 2024 at 23.59 Prequalification of a named PhD candidate

If the project includes a named PhD candidate, this prequalification process must be followed: The main applicant must obtain approval from the relevant PhD programme director, confirming that it will be possible to enrol the candidate in question as a PhD student if funding is granted. 

The following appendices must be sent to the research consultant and the relevant PhD programme director:

  • CV
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Documentation of English language competences
  • A project outline for the part of the research project which the PhD student is to carry out (note: the Graduate School, Arts has decided that when applying for funding for a named PhD candidate in connection with major research applications, advance approvals will depend on an assessment of the candidate’s qualifications (CV and diplomas) and a project description of two-five pages formulated by the named PhD candidate. This decision applies to applications where the PI writes a project description on behalf of the entire research group. Based on this, the named PhD candidate must demonstrate the ability to write an independent sub-description).

If the candidate is approved, the main applicant will receive a confirmation document from the head of the Graduate School, Anne Marie Pahuus. 

PhD programme director(s):
Art, Literature and Cultural Studies,
Stefan Iversen:

ICT, Media, Communication and Journalism, Pia Majbritt Jensen:

Language, Linguistics, Communication, and Cognition, Mikkel Wallentin:

Arts PhD Administration: Anna Louise Dolan Plaskett,

Research consultant, CC:
Helle Breth Klausen,
11 June 2024 at 23.59 Budget approval

The following appendices must be sent to the research consultant:

  • The research fund’s template for the confirmation of budgets, stating the amount being applied for and signed by the main applicant (available here).
  • The total budget (prepared in collaboration with Arts Finance).
Research consultant, CC:
Helle Breth Klausen,
18 June 2024 at 12.00 Application deadline
Submission of application to the research fund.
Link to the application portal:
18 June 2024 Filing
When the application has been uploaded via the research fund’s application portal, the application and appendices must be sent as a single PDF file to the research consultant for filing in Workzone.
Research consultant, CC:
Helle Breth Klausen,
Late 2024 Creating your project
When applicants receive a reply from the research fund (and preferably also when any review comments are received), the research consultant must be contacted with a view to setting up the project as quickly as possible.
Research consultant, CC:
Helle Breth Klausen,

Contact the research consultants