Thesis seminar


The school management team at the School of Communication and Culture has decided that the funding of thesis seminars should be the responsibility of the school with the following guidelines: 

  • The school will contribute a maximum of DKK 5,000 to each thesis seminar. 
  • The school may contribute up to DKK 2,000 to cover travelling and accommodation expenses for an external opponent. 
  • Any external opponent involved can be paid for 10 hours of work (the rate for part-time lecturers), corresponding to DKK 3,066. 
  • Any internal opponent involved is also entitled to 10 hours of credit in the Vipomatic system. This rate is the same as for external opponents. 
  • The school’s contribution may be used to purchase food/refreshments for the opponent. 
  • The school will not cover expenses incurred in connection with social events relating to thesis seminars. 

Read more in the following memo: 

Memo regarding the financing of thesis seminars at the School of Communication and Culture