Research trips

Approval and accounting of trips

Approval by head of department

All travel must be pre-approved by the department heads. This applies to both domestic and international travel.

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel to the destination in question, it cannot be approved.

Send an email to the head of department, where you provide information about the destination, purpose and period.


Trips are settled in RejsUd (and in rare cases in Indfak). When settling, you must account with the following codes:

  • Location code: 1411
  • Case: 12155 (for external grantors, the specific project number)
  • Case assignment: 82101 (travel, hotel and refreshments)

Approval and accounting of travel on external grants

Travel made on external grants or on special subaccount 1 grants must also be approved by the project's AU financial manager (the grant holder or the project owner),

For travel activities on external grants, the specific project number must be indicated under Case.

PhD trips

PhD students must continue to follow the graduate school's guidelines and rules for accounting:

  • Location code: 1231
  • Case: 16367
  • Case assignment: 33501 (PhD trips etc.)

Booking travel for visiting lecturers

Visting lecturers and other international guests, as an absolute general rule, book and pay for their trip themselves, as this ensures that it is the traveler who receives notification of changes, etc. We offer to refund the cost immediately if they send receipt(s) and a completed travel settlement form to the local secretariat. Travel that must be reimbursed by AU must always be booked directly with the airline and must be an economy ticket. Travel or cancellation insurance cannot be refunded.

More information and guidance for visits, remuneration and booking of trips and accommodation for external guests.


Travel with the school's ordinary funds or with external grants

  • relating to the school's ordinary funds: CC's business controller
  • relating to external grants: IKK's project finance controller

You can find their contact information here (DK only).