Purchase and settlement


CC's and AU's guidelines in relation to purchase

At CC, all purchases must be approved by the head of department, head of the secretariat, head of school or external grant holder.

All purchases must also always comply with the applicable purchasing agreements. Purchasing agreements apply regardless of whether Aarhus University is invoiced directly, or whether you pay in the first instance and subsequently get your outlay refunded.

Entertainment and refreshments

There is a limit for expenses for entertainment and refreshments for internal meetings.

In the case of external grants, AU's procurement policy and rules for refreshments and entertainment must also be complied with.

See this page about events at CC.

IT equipment and phones

The school sets up a workstation with standard IT equipment, and at AU and CC we primarily use Teams telephony. If you need additional equipment, you must contact your departmental secretary, who can guide you according to the applicable guidelines.

More information about CC's guidelines for purchase of IT equipment and phones.

Billing and credit cards

At the start of employment, all employees are registered in the RejsUd billing system.

If you make purchases (including travel) by paying for it yourself or using an AU credit card, the settlement must subsequently be made in RejsUd.

Credit card transactions must be settled continuously and preferably within 14 days.

It is appropriate to collect all expenses in connection with a trip in one settlement, apart from the plane ticket itself and any prepaid services, which are often ordered several months in advance.

At the Faculty of Arts, a limit of 90 days has been set for reimbursement. If this is exceeded, you are given a short deadline, after which salary deductions are made. In case of repeated overages, the credit card will be closed. Expenses must be reimbursed in the financial year to which they belong, so the deadlines are shorter at the end of the year.

Read more about reimbursements etc. here.

Payment of invoices

Payment of invoices takes place via AU's electronic invoicing system (IndFak2).

When purchasing from Danish companies, AU only receives electronic invoices via EAN.

When you make a purchase, you must therefore ask the supplier to send the invoice to:

  • The school's EAN-no.: 5798000418363
  • and AU’s CVR.no.: 31 11 91 03
  • and state your local department secretary's name + your name/the physical address you are at and the case/case assignment number. See the exact invoice information here.

The invoice will then go to the right person in AU's invoicing system IndFak2. At the same time as you place the order, please inform the department secretary via email.

Invoicing from foreign suppliers is agreed with your department secretary.

Payment of restaurant visits above DKK 3000

When you take guests out to eat for a work-related dinner and the bill amounts to more than DKK 3000, you should request - if the restaurant can handle EAN payment - an invoice issued to Aarhus University. This way we can have a refund for the VAT. As documentation a cash receipt from the restaurant is no longer sufficient.

For restaurant visits with an expected bill of more than DKK 3000, it is therefore recommended that, when booking a table, you agree that the invoice is sent via the department's EAN no. instead of using AU's credit card. If necessary, ask your local secretary for advice, as they are informed about the new settlement rules.

Invoice details to the restaurant/company

  • EAN-nummer: 5798000418363
  • Company: Aarhus University, School of Communication and Culture
  • Requisitioner: XXXX department secretary with a 'requisitioner' role (at Katrinebjerg: Camilla, at Kasernen: Pia, Pia, or Betina, at Nobel 1485: Nelly, at Nobel 1481: Jane, Marianne, or Jette, NCFF: Christina Smedegaard
  • Contact: XXXX - The person, who is hosting the dinner/can confirm that it has taken place