Travel booking and reimbursement

Travel policy and insurance

Approval before travel

Your head of department must approve the destination, purpose and period of the trip. This applies to both domestic and international travel. Send an application to your head of department, where you state the destination, purpose, period and travel budget, and wait for approval. You can find standard forms for approval of travel expenses further down this page.

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel to the destination in question, it cannot be approved.

Travel made on external grants or on special subaccount 1-grants must be approved by both your head of department and the project's AU financial manager (the grant holder or the project owner).

If a trip is financed by external funds, or if you are a PhD student, other case assignments and case numbers are used. Contact the grant holder or your department secretary, PhD administrator or project finance administrator for further information. See the standard form for approval further down this page.

PhD students must follow the Graduate School's guidelines: Find information about the Graduate School's rules for travel and settlement here.

Travel policy

The state's and AU's rules for travel must be observed - also for travel in connection with grant-funded activities (research council funds, EU-funded projects, etc.).

AU's travel policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel guidelines must always be followed.

Travel insurance

As an AU employee, you are automatically covered by travel insurance when you travel for AU. It is not a requirement to bring a physical card to be covered by AU's business travel insurance, which is administered by Europ├Žiske ERV, but it may still be a good idea to print a card and bring it with you on the journey (physical cards are no longer issued).

Read about travel insurance here.

AU's green guide for transport

Get a good advice and input for those of you who want to travel as green as possible.

Read about AU's Green Guide: Transport.

Forms and templates

Booking and settlement of trips

Travel booking and settlement (CWT and RejsUd)


Travel is booked through the travel agency Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) or directly with the airline. You may not book trips via other travel agencies or travel search engines such as Momondo or

Contact AU's Travel Expense Accounts via or find an employee from the Travel Expense Accounts here. The travel agency, CWT, can be contacted on phone 3363 7744 or

Read about travel booking and settlement here.


Trips are settled in RejsUd. If the expense is to be covered by the school, you must account with the following numbers when settling:

  • Location: 1411
  • Case no.: 12155 (external projects have their own project numbers, which must be used)
  • Case assignment: 82101 (travel, hotel and catering), 82401 (service provision, e.g. fee to the travel agency or participation fee)

Hourly and daily allowance/diet/reimbursement

When you have to cover your expenses for meals, a distinction is made between two types of business trips:

  • Business trips of less than 24 hours or without overnight stay ("one-day trips")
  • Business trips of a minimum of 24 hours, including accommodation

Read more about AU's rules here.

3 other important requirements for travel settlements

  1. Driving
    You can only settle mileage allowance (made in your own household's car) in addition to the distance you drive daily to and from your place of work at AU.
  2. Shopping/Dining
    If you have paid for other people's meals, you must state the following in RejsUd:
    1. Full names of all participants
    2. Place of employment of the participants
    3. Occasion
  3. Accommodation
    When you pay for hotel stays, the invoice/receipt - in addition to the mandatory information above - must also contain:
    1. Breakdown of the amount into accommodation and meals (e.g. breakfast)
    2. The guest's name

If the supplement is not divided into accommodation and dining (and AU is not listed as the buyer), AU cannot get a VAT deduction. You must therefore contact the hotel and get a new invoice in order to complete the settlement.

NOTE: When you pay for hotel stays, pay attention to the current rates for hotel disposition amounts and justify any exceedance.

Research travel grants

The following employees have a research travel grant at the school:

  • Professors, associate and assistant professors have DKK 30,000 available over 3 years.
  • Postdocs only have travel funds if this is part of the external grant.

Faculty-financed PhD students with employment at Arts will be made available a total of DKK 40,000 during their PhD enrolment.

It is the individual employee's own responsibility to keep accounts of the funds made available.

Read more about the school's guidelines for research trips here.

AU credit card

It is recommended that you acquire an AU credit card well in advance of your trip.

Remember to comply with the applicable purchasing agreements and rules for entertainment and refreshments. All use of school funds must be approved in writing by your head.

See more information about credit cards and find a form for ordering a credit card here.

The credit card will be sent to your home address.

Travel on guest visits

If you are to be visited by a guest or guest lecturer, contact your local secretariat or read more about travel in relation to guest visit here.