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Visit from guests/visiting lecturers

When you have arranged a visit from a guest (short visit), you must deliver the information of the agreement to the secretariat who will help you with the practical details.

More information on how to do this on this site

Reporting of teaching material to Copydan

As a teacher, you must report the teaching material used. AU has a copying agreement with Copydan Writing, who must have lists sent to them twice a year.

Find out how to report the material here.

Working hours (Vip-O-Matic)

Vip-O-Matic is an administrative system for registering working hours. For permanent and fixed-term academic staff at the School of Communication and Culture, with a research obligation in relation to time registration of work tasks related to education, PhD area, administration and recruitment of employees.

More information on Vip-O-Matic here.

Catering for oral exams with external co-examination

The school pays for sandwiches for both the external co-examiner and the examiner when it is an external co-examination (the expenditure is not covered when it is an internal co-examination).

Contact your local secretariat.

Policies, guidelines and strategies for teaching

CC and the Faculty of Arts have guidelines and policies regarding teaching.

Find CC's and the Faculty of Arts' guidelines for teaching here.

AU's educational administrative systems and guidelines

Data protection for teachers

As a teacher it is your responsibility to abide by the rules concerning the handling of personal data.

More information on information security for teachers can be found on this AU site.

Books for teaching and research and the printing office

Books for use in teaching and research are paid by the individual member of academic staff. It is often possible to make an agreement with the publisher for free samples.

The Faculty of Health and Arts have a joint printing office where you can order compendiums etc.

More information about the printing office here.

Booking of rooms for teaching at the Faculty of Arts

The Arts Studies Administration is responsible for booking rooms for teaching activities, exams and ad hoc activities. If you need to change the booking for a scheduled class or if you need to book a room for extra teaching activities or other activities, please contact the relevant team in the Arts Studies Administration

Director of studies at CC

The director of studies has the overall responsibility for the teaching development, quality and operation.

Lars Kiel Bertelsen

Education consultants at CC

Nina Thiele Zeiss

Stine Bloch Ravn

Katharina Juhl Haslund