Collaborating with the business community

One of Aarhus University’s strategic goals involves strengthening its contribution to the development and welfare of society as a whole. The university aims to achieve this goal by collaborating closely with the business community, public-sector institutions and civil society. 

The School of Communication and Culture supports this goal through the activities of its business committee. And the head of school, Unni From, has also identified business initiatives as one of three main areas of focus. The school’s business engagement partner, Marianne Ping Huang, also focuses on ensuring the best possible links between the school’s innovation initiatives and the university’s efforts based at The Kitchen. 


Forms of collaboration

In relation to our research and teaching activities, the school has gained a good deal of experience when it comes to collaborating with external partners. These experiences vary from department to department, and from one research environment to the next. So there are good reasons for sharing our collective knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of various collaboration formats. 

With a view to supporting knowledge sharing and perhaps providing inspiration for new forms of collaboration across our research environments and degree programmes, we have collected a range of examples of specific business collaborations and the experiences of the academic staff involved in them.   

These are only a few examples, and we’d be happy to hear from you if you have any other input which you’d like to share. 

Collaborating with students

Collaborating with researchers