Councils, boards and committees

Departmental bodies

Local Liaison Committee (LSU) - requires VPN

The task of the liaison committee (LSU) is to ensure a good and trusting local cooperation with regards to both the core tasks of the department and the employees' well-being.

Find the school' liaison committee here.

Local Occupational Health and Safety Committee (LAMU) - requires VPN

The local occupational health and safety committe is responsible for planning, managing and coordinating the school's cooperation on safety and health.

See the school's OHS committee here.

Research Committee - requires VPN

The main task of the research committee is to advise the head of department on matters relating to the school's research and development-oriented areas.

See the school's research committee here.

House Committee

The house committees at the school consist of representatives of academic staff, technical and administrative staff and students and discuss, among other things: Furnishing and use of rooms and common areas.

See the house committee here.

School Forum (IF) - requires VPN

The school forum is an advisory body for the head of department. Its job is to ensure the development of ideas, quality, transparency and legitimacy in all decisions and academic issues.

See the school forum here.

Employer Panel

The school collaborates with companies and institutions in the private and public sectors, for instance in its employer panel and forum, whose task - among other things - is to develop up-to-date degree programmes that meet the competences in demand on the labour market.

Read more about the schools employer panel here.

Business Committee - requires VPN

The aim of the Business Committee at the school is to increase the school’s dialogue and collaboration with the business community, civil society and public-sector institutions. 

See the business committee here.

Board of Studies (SN)

The board of studies of the school is an elected body that, in collaboration with the director of studies and the AU Studies administration, manages courses and exams.

See the board of studies here.

Degree Programme Board (UN)

It is the responsibility of the degree programme board to ensure that there is broad representation and inclusion of students and teaching/research staff from the academic environments in relation to the board of studies and the director of studies. 

See the degree programme board here.