External visitors who are NOT residents of Denmark

Information about the process

Please note: If a guest (who is not a resident of Denmark) has a Danish NemKonto, please follow the instructions for visitors with Danish residence.

Below are some answers to various questions relating to the remuneration of guests who are not residents of Denmark.

Once you have completed the form with the necessary information, the secretariat will contact your visitor to obtain all the other details. Look in the right margin ►►►

You will find further detailed information about the process below, and can see who should do what and who is responsible for what.

Written approval of the visit/agreement

The agreement or visit is subject to the approval of your head of department or the grant recipient. So when you fill in the form, please attach confirmation that the agreement has been approved (an email, for instance). Remember to inform your head of department of all relevant expenses connected to the agreement (travelling from/to, having x number of nights etc.)

If the agreement is related to a thesis seminar, kindly complete the form for the budget template and read the guidelines prior to completing the budget template.

You will find the thesis guidelines here

►►► The host must ensure that a head of department/grant recipient has approved the agreement in writing.

Programme or description of the agreement/event

We need a description of the agreement that has been reached with the external guest, a programme or similar document. So when you fill in the form, please attach a description of the agreement (an email describing the reason). It is important that hosts remember to allow for all potential expenses connected with the agreement (transport, for instance).

►►► The host must ensure that a programme and/or description of the agreement is made available.

Travel and fee

  • Visitors from outside Denmark must make their own travel arrangements.
  • Flights must be booked direct with an airline – not via a travel agency.
  • AU only covers standard/economy class tickets and never travel insurance. 
  • As a general rule, public transport must always be used. Taxis should only be used in connection with transport over shorter distances, and where public transport is particularly stressful, e.g. if a trip starts very early, ends very late or the duration is extended significantly.
  • Visitors who want a rapid refund of their travel expenses must send information about the amount concerned to the relevant shared mailbox below. The secretariat will generate a link and send it to the visitor as soon as the travel expenses have been paid and can be documented.
  • The secretariat will generate a link from Aarhus University’s settlement system (REEX), which we will send to the visitor from abroad (CC to you by way of information).
  • Settlement will be made direct between the Travel Expense Accounts/Payroll system and the visitor concerned.

►►► The secretariat will send the REEX link to the visitor when they have received information from the host via the relevant form. In some cases the visitor’s information in REEX is checked before being forwarded to the Travel Expense Accounts/Payroll system.

Donations (in stead of payment/fee)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to donate the payment or fee to charity organisations or similar.

Invoicing via the guest's own company

VAT-registered companies abroad

Invoices should be sent by email to the host with a copy to the secretariat at the following addresses: 

►►► The secretariat will contact the visitor and inform them of the required invoicing information, and then ensure ​that the invoice is dispatched to our IndFak system, where payment will be approved.



- Invoices must be sent to one of the following addresses (depending on the location in question)

- Invoices from abroad must contain the following information:

  • Invoice number
  • Description of agreement
  • Name of company
  • VAT number
  • Address
  • Name of contact
  • Mail of contact

Bank information

  • Name of bank
  • Address of bank
  • Registration number
  • Account number
  • BIC/SWIFT code
  • IBAN number
  • Routing number (only in the USA)

Filing in Workzone

In accordance with current guidelines, the approval of agreements and the programme (when relevant) must be filed in Workzone. The case number will normally combine cases for the whole department.

  • Travel expenses do not need to be filed.


►►► The secretariat will file the agreement and programme in Workzone.