Visit and remuneration of external guests (visiting lecturers, opponents etc.)

Please read these guidelines carefully before you start

When you have arranged a visit by a guest (short visit), you just need to fill out the relevant form (see further down this page). If we receive the required information in the form from you, the secretariat will take over the correspondence with your guest regarding the travel, hotel, travel expenses etc. 

Please note that this process can only be used for guest on a short stay, e.g. in connection with lectures, guest teaching etc. - not guest researchers with longer stays.

We ask you to do the following:

  1. Please start by unfolding and reading the check list below.
  2. Make sure you have obtained all the necessary documentation (the approval of your head of department or grant recipient and a programme/agreement).
  3. Find out whether your guest lives in Denmark or abroad, and read the relevant guidelines (blue and green) to find out what kind of information you need and who should get hold of it.
  4. Then fill in the form (associated with your local secretariat) to give us the necessary information about your guest, hotels, remuneration and the event in question.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

Here’s the check list!

This process is for guests on a short stay, for instance in connection with guests, guest lectures, opponents or the like - not for e.g. guest researches on a longer stay. 

Check list for information regarding visitors from Denmark and abroad: 

  • You must attach the approval of your head of department
  • You must attach a programme/description of the event
  • Your visitor: full name, email address and country of residence 
  • The date your event starts and finishes
  • Hotel booking (if relevant: date of arrival and departure)
  • Travel expenses (if relevant: how much has been granted, please state the currency)
  • Remuneration
    • Number of working hours
    • Fee (primarily for visitors from abroad or artistic performances)
    • No remuneration (wine appreciation)
  • Grant (project number if relevant, paid by your school, by external grant or by other sources)
  • Budget, if relevant

The secretariat is happy to help

Based on the information you provide in this form, we will contact your visitor and inform them of the rules about travel expenses and remuneration. We will also file the agreement in Workzone, as required.