External visitors who are residents of DENMARK

Information about the process

Here are some answers to various questions relating to the remuneration of external visitors who are residents of Denmark.

Once you have completed the form (corresponding to your local secretariat) with the necessary information, the secretariat will contact your visitor to obtain all the other details. Look in the right margin ►►►

You will find further detailed information about the process below, and can see who should do what and who is responsible for what.

Written approval of the visit/agreement

The agreement or visit is subject to the approval of your head of department or the grant recipient. So when you fill in the form, please attach confirmation that the agreement has been approved (an email, for instance). Remember to inform your head of department of all relevant expenses connected to the agreement (travelling from/to, having x number of nights etc.)

If the agreement is related to a thesis seminar, kindly complete the form for the budget template and read the guidelines prior to completing the budget template.

You will find the thesis guidelines here

►►► The host must ensure that a head of department/grant recipient has approved the agreement in writing.

Programme or description of the agreement/event

We need a description of the agreement that has been reached with the external guest, a programme or similar document. So when you fill in the form, please attach a description of the agreement (an email describing the reason). It is important that hosts remember to allow for all potential expenses connected with the agreement (transport, for instance).

►►► The host must ensure that a programme and/or description of the agreement is made available.


  • Visitors must make their own travel arrangements and must fill in and submit a travel reimbursement form including receipts to one of the following mailboxes:
  • Flights must be booked directly with an airline - not via a travel agency.
  • AU only covers standard/economy class tickets and never travel insurance.
  • As a general rule, public transport must always be used. Taxis should only be used in connection with transport over shorter distances, and where public transport is particularly stressful, e.g. if a trip starts very early, ends very late or the duration is extended significantly.
  • Travel expenses are not subject to VAT. Any receipts for out-of-pocket payments must be enclosed when expenses are settled.

►►► The secretariat will contact the visitor and ask them to fill in the travel reimbursement form.

Calculating working hours

In accordance with current practice, the number of working hours will be authorised by the secretariat in the salary system.

Two or three contact hours are normally granted (multiplied by a conversion factor of 3.5, resulting in between 7 and 10.50 working hours).

See HR's list of wage rates (Danish only)

►►► The secretariat will ask the visitor to fill in this working hours form.

Artist fees and taxation

In the vast majority of cases, employees are paid for their working hours. Find examples below, which are paid (incl. holiday pay) as B income:

  • Translating/editing texts/proofreading
  • Artistic decoration
  • Entertainment on special occasions, etc., e.g. actors and musicians
  • Inconvenience compensation for test subjects
  • Interpreters, illustrators, and photographers

►►► The secretariat will ask the guest to fill in this fee payment form

Donations (in stead of payment/fee)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to donate the payment or fee to charity organisations or similar.

Invoicing via the guest's own company

CVR-registered companies

  • Visitors who have a CVR-registered company can send electronic invoices to EAN no. 5798000418363.
  • The amount will be the number of working hours x the current hourly rate.
  • Example: 3 contact hours x 3.5 conversion factor = 10.50 working hours x hourly rate = DKK XXX (excluding VAT).
  • Travel expenses are without VAT, and visitors must remember to attach receipts.


►►►The secretariat will inform the visitor about methods of payment.

Filing in Workzone

In accordance with current guidelines, the approval of agreements and the programme (when relevant) must be filed in Workzone. The case number will normally combine cases for the whole department.

  • Travel expenses do not need to be filed.


►►► The secretariat will file the agreement and programme in Workzone.