Holiday, sickness, absence and parental leave

Holiday, sick leave and other kind of absence

Sickness and sick leave, child’s first and second sickness days, time off due to a child's illness and holiday must be registered with your local department secretary, who you must notify on the morning of the first day of absence and again when you at back at work.

The following colleagues must be contacted in the event of sickness, holiday, and absence:

► If you need to cancel classes, you must announce it on Brightspace.

► In the event of sickness for more than two weeks, your immediate manager will be notified, and you will be called to a sickness absence interview, typically with your immediate manager.

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Child’s 1st and 2nd sickness day

The rules on paid leave on a child’s first and second sickness day are described in the collective agreements and apply to all employees at the Aarhus University.

Read about the rules here.

Parental leave

In the case of maternity and adoption, you should contact your immediate manager in due time.

Read about AU’s rules for parental leave here.