Workplace Assessment (WPA)

Workplace assessment (WPA) at the School of Communication and Culture, 2022-2025

Areas of focus

  • Reducing stress and workloads (including administrative systems)
  • Strengthening opportunities for development
  • Strengthening a culture of appreciation
  • Clear leadership and clear goals
  • Better conflict management
  • Preventing and dealing with offensive conduct and discrimination

WPA advisory group at the School of Communication and Culture

  • Unni From
  • Marie Lund
  • Anne Marit Waade
  • Morten Brockhoff
  • Tine Arsinevici
  • Louise Søndergaard
  • Anne Hejn Pjengaard

Overall tendencies at the school

Generally speaking, it is good to see that a lot of people are happy at work and regard their work as meaningful. It’s also good to see that one of the departments which had a low score in 2019, and which has worked hard to improve the work environment, has registered a significant improvement. The same applies at school level with regard to conflict management, an area which had a very low score in 2019. The school management team and our units have done a great deal to prevent and handle conflicts. However, despite significant improvement, we must continue to maintain our focus on this area.

It is clearly not good news that so many people feel a sense of stress and an imbalance between the tasks they have to perform and the time available to perform them. Far too many members of staff also feel insecure about their future prospects, as well as feeling unappreciated for the work they do.

Once again, far too many members of staff have experienced offensive conduct and discrimination; and once again a lot of people say that they have not reported this to their line manager or union representative. Most people have only mentioned such problems to one or more of their colleagues.

The WPA, tools and reports

Response rate 2022

  • AU Total: 75%
  • Aarhus BSS: 80%
  • Health: 63%
  • Technical Sciences: 80%
  • Natural Sciences: 69%
  • Arts: 76%
  • The Administration: 82%

WPA 2022 project schedule

The process of planning the 2022 WPA has begun. Download a detailed project schedule here. 

WPA 2022 survey

Browse the WPA 2022 questionnaire

On 28 February, you’ll receive a personalised link to the questionnaire by email. You can participate in the survey in the period 28 February - 11 March 2022. 

Anonymity and confidentiality

The psychological part of the WPA is 100 per cent anonymous. Anonymity is ensured by means of anonymity limits, meaning that results will only be included in the report if a certain number of employees have answered the question. No one at AU has access to individual responses to the psychological WPA. 

Aarhus University has set the following anonymity limits: Ten responses for general questions, 40 responses to questions about offensive behaviour and discrimination. Read more about anonymity

The physical part of the WPA is not anonymous, and your occupational health and safety group will be able to access your comments on specific problems with the physical work environment (drafts, noise, etc.) in order to follow up on and address them. 

Local WPA pages

Read more about WPA at the faculties and in the administration:

Upcoming meetings in the WPA advisory group

  • Tuesday, 30 August 2022
  • Wednesday, 26 October 2022
  • Tuesday, 13 December 2022